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                                                           LIESTAL, SWITZERLAND                                                                         

   From July 23 - 28 in Liestal, Switzerland as a part of Stimmen zu Gast, daily masterclasses are held with Jennifer and in addition the popular "Prosecco Talk" is held which is a chance to ask any and all questions!in a charming and intimate setting To finish the week there is a concert with piano.                                                                             






                                                              SALICETTO, ITALY


This masterclass with Jennifer is in Salicetto, Italy which is in the gorgeous region of Piemonte in Northern Italy. How many times do you get to have a masterclass in an authentic catsle?!  Come join us August 16 - 20. The ever popular "Prosecco Talk" will take place as well as a final concert wirth piano.








                                                    SION, SWITZERLAND


Come join Jennifer in Switzerland August 7 - 12 for a masterclass in the beautiful picturesque and charming town of Sion. As a participant you will enjoy an intense working experience followed by a concert with piano to finish the week! 








Master Class.jpg
Sank Goar Master Class.jpg

Master Class

Giving master classes and teaching are great passions of Jennifer. She believes that the well being of the singer relates  not only to the mastery of their technique but also to their state of mind. To date, she has given classes in Atlanta, Kennesaw, Belgrade, Manchester, London, Paris, Luxembourg, New Orleans, New York, Caltagirone, Greve in Chianti, Perugia, Valetta, Santiago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Oberlin, Princeton, Chicago, Saint Louis, Quebec, Sion, Lausanne, Nangis and Berlin. 


To engage Jennifer for a master class, please contact  Davide Vittone:

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