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                                                      MASTERCLASSES IN SUMMER 2024



                                                 Martina franca                                                                       

From June 19 to 22 daily masterclasses are held with Jennifer in the beautiful city of Martina Franca for the Fondazione Paolo Grassi. This masterclass is at the Belcanto Academy "Rodolfo Celletti" and can only be attended by singers who have made an application and are accepted into the academy. There are three sessions during the year and Jennifer's masterclass will be in the second session.                                                                       




                                              Liestal, SWitzerland

Jennifer returns to the charming town of Liestal for a masterclass sponsored by Stimmen Zu Gast. This masterclass is open to the public and details may be found at the site. The application deadline is June 15. Come and join us!


                                                  Perugia, Italy

From July 23 to 31 Jennifer gives daily masterclass lesson for the MusicFest Perugia in Perugia, Italy. The singers will participate in an Opera Gala and some lucky singers will be chosen for the opera which is Rigoletto to be given in concert on July 30th. All performances are with full orchestra. 




                                              STOCKHOLM, sweden

In  Stockholm, Jennifer gives a two day masterclass at the Summer School for Classical Singers on August 8 & 9. This is being held at the Birkagårdens folkhögskola.

                                                   LUCCA, ITALY


In the hills outside of Lucca, at the Il monastero dell’angelo Jennifer will give masterclasses from August 21 to 25. At the Lucca Bel Canto Institute, you can take time just for yourself and your voice. Founded by Ferdinand von Bothmer and Julia Radosz, it is an institute that focuses in on technique and in Jennifer's classes you will also study the psychology of singing.  In fact, it is called a "singer's bel canto technique retreat". Apply now and join us in Lucca!

Master Class.jpg
Sank Goar Master Class.jpg

Master Class

Giving master classes and teaching are great passions of Jennifer. She believes that the well being of the singer relates  not only to the mastery of their technique but also to their state of mind. To date, she has given classes in Atlanta, Kennesaw, Vienna, Belgrade, Manchester, London, Paris, Luxembourg, New Orleans, New York, Caltagirone, Greve in Chianti, Perugia, Valetta, Santiago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Oberlin, Princeton, Chicago, Saint Louis, Quebec, Sion, Lausanne, Nangis, Martina Franca and Berlin. 


To engage Jennifer for a master class, please contact  Davide Vittone:

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